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The 70's Dance Floor was unique and never really re-created !
Click HERE to experience some rather 'different' DISCO Music, all the way from Burpengary Australia !    [March 30, 2014 Mix]

Each week, I bring you amazing RETRO Disco flavored sounds, sequenced in ‘Show’ format from Burpengary (Australia).

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thp mix
disco heaven
C.K.B. Superman 12 inch single
alec r costandinos romeo and juliet
france joli hallelujah
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Let’s finally STOP the flawed culture of downloading music for free, which is pure THEFT.

If you copy a music recording
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Slick LP
overfitting disco radio
hot italo mix 2012
C.K.B. Superman 12 inch single
discotone radio 2
clubbers radio

This site is dedicated to
the memory of my
brilliant unique MUM
Lillian, who gave me
the gift of life and music !

jumbo take it light
real thing straight from the heart 12
laurie marshall

The gift of kindness is vital in our world today .... Thoughtful ways may seem like little
things .... but they are so
very important for us Now.
A helpful word, a Smile, the Cheer your presence brings should be inspired by LOVE that comes from your Heart !

diva radio 2011
sticky fingers
donna summer
mel brooks
jackie under fire 1979
grace jones fame
silver convention fly robin fly
store dj

From small beginnings at Bowen Hills here in Brisbane, Store DJ continues to be a driving force in Dance Music culture in Australia.

Now with a renewed presence in Brisbane, Store DJ
forges ahead with a unique retail concept ... all about
exquisite Dance Music and more !

It’s all at Store DJ ... Quality Turntables, Amps,
Speakers, state-of-the-art equipment, gizmos, etc.

kumano LP
midnite flite
stacy lattisaw
john davis rocking horse
paul jabara honeymoon in puerto rico
jumbo sexy lady

There are no Strangers in this World - Just Friends we’ve never Met !

Deluxe DISCO, each week at  www.discointernet.com
pink lady
Cool Disco Music
irena sendler

Take a moment to learn about a true Hero who saved many.

cissy houston warning danger
krystal davis so smooth dazzle
A Number Of Names bebu silvetti
Def Dames Dope

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disco 935
70's and 80's Disco and R&B
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jock hattle band to be or not to be evelyn thomas
brenda and the tabulations norma jean
D.C. La Rue Do You Want The Real Thing 12 inch
barry and disco friends from the ERA
butterfly records club floor classics
constellation orchestra
disco connection ashford and simpson bumblebee unlimited
david naughton makin it
dr buzzard's original savannah band
whispers and the beat goes on
saint tropez lp ritchie family lp
pockets catch me1
visage fade to grey 12 inch
DONNA SUMMER .... A true Disco Legend !